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Growora is a platform where you can earn Ora tokens in exchange for the time you spend working on personal development. A place where everybody thrives by becoming the greatest, most powerful version of themselves.

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"Growora is incentivising the masses to seek enlightenment by learning to be of service to others"

How Does It Work?

Watch videos from a wide range of personal development topics, from natural health to wealth creation. Participate, grow, learn, comment, share, inspire and help others. Earn Ora tokens for your daily contributions and use them to access premium content, video courses, book one-on-one consultations with holistic teachers, healers and coaches. You can also exchange your tokens for USD, Bitcoin and other leading crypto currencies – creating real fungible value from your efforts.

Progress Into Leadership

As you progress on your journey into becoming the best version of yourself, you might feel inspired to give back. Our Leaders earn Ora tokens to publish content, articles, host one-on-one consultations, sell premium content and can use their earnings to run advertising within the platform. The more you give, the more you recieve. OurĀ  teachers earn the lion share of Ora tokens which essentially become your share in our vision. HODL or exchange tokens for USD, Bitcoin etc. Get wealthy, giving your gift to the world and helping others expand their consciousness.